The Grand Archive

This page aims to create (hopefully) a complete and reliable archive of Lebanese alternative groups. Not just from Beirut, but everywhere. So please, to suggest additions, leave a comment at the bottom of the page or e-mail me, but no cover bands, and no “my cousin’s band that played a gig at his school then split up”. Submissions must be/ have been serious groups that left/ tried to leave their mark in their respective genre’s scene. All genres welcome, as long as it could be considered “alternative” here in Lebanon.

This is where the noise comes from:

20.SV: Ambient- industrial.

3arab: Ska-punk.

7 Ta2at: Arabic rap.

Abdallah Ko: Experimental.

A.Boxx: English rap.

The Acrobats: Alternative rock.

Afrow: Arabic rap.

Ahmad H-Bboy: Beatbox. 

Aks’ser: Arabic rap.

Alan Azar: Progressive rock.

AlienZ: Progressive rock.

Anthony Touma: French pop.

April Ash: Classic rock.

Amadeus Awad: Rock.

The Arcane: Symphonic metal.

ArCease: Death metal.

Ashekman: Arabic rap.

Ayat: Death metal.

B-Soldiers: Arabic rap.

Balancos: Arabic rap.

The Banana Cognacs: Alternative-rock/ Funk.

Banana Sandwich: Funk, Blues, Soul, Jazz.

BandAge: Blues-rock.

Banely: Arabic rap.

Bastards: Punk rock.

Beatraid: Symphonic metal.

Beirutus: English rap.

Beirut Biloma: Electro-acoustic/ Downtempo.

Beirut Scum Society: Punk.

Belime: English pop.

Benzene: Punk.

Bicro-Phone: Arabic rap.

Big A: English rap.

Big Flow: Hip hop.

Bill Amaliyeh: Arabic rap.

Blaakyum: Thrash metal.

Blend: Alternative-oriental-folk-rock.

Bloodz Records: Arabic rap.

Blood Ink: Thrash metal.

Bolo-B: Arabic rap.

Brain Sodomy: Death metal/ Grindcore.

Bullet: English and Arabic Rap.

Bull Pup: English rap.

Ceasar K: Electronic/ Dance.

Cerebral Mutilation: Death metal/ Grindcore.

Charbel Haber: Improvisation/ Noise.

Cimmerian Path: Death metal.

Circle of Fire: Acoustic-progressive/ World-fusion.

Coltaire K: French rap.

Communion: Heavy metal. 

Cosmic Analog Ensemble: Big beat/ jazz.

Court Circuit: Experimental-electro-noise.

Cristobal: Folk-rock.

Cynthia Zaven: Experimental/ Improvisation.

Dan Sin: Beatbox/ Vocal/ World-fusion. 

DJad: Electronic-trip hop/ Dance.

DJ Lethal Skillz: Hip hop/ Turntablism.

DJ Stickfiggr: Hip hop/ Turntablism.

Dethroned: Death metal.

Detox: Punk. 

Doors To Aspiration: Rock.

Double A the Preacherman: English rap.

The DnB Project: Electro-acoustic drum n’ bass/ improvisation.

-E3dem: Arabic Gangsta Rap.

Ebnel 7ara: Arabic rap.

E-Hash: Arabic rap

E-Klipz: English rap/ RnB. 

Eileen Khatchadourian: Armenian-Rock.

Ekher Jeel: Arabic rap.

Element 26: Thrash metal.

Elepheel: Trip hop/ experimental.

El Iqaa: Trip-hop/ Sampling.

Elyas: Folk-rock.

Emcee Yahya: Arabic rap.

EpiSode: Symphonic progressive rock.

Erhab Records: Arabic rap.

Eslaam Jawad: English/ Arabic rap.

Essar: Arabic rap.

Fady Ferraye: House/ Techno.

Fahrass: Arabic rap.

Fareeq el Atrash: Funk-hip hop-Arabic/ English rap.

Farewell: Alternative-rock.

Force: Rock.

Fun Jan Shai: Arabic/ English Oriental-fusion.

The Gamblers: Punk.

Gassan Rahbani Group: Arabic/ English classic rock/ metal. 

Ghazi Abdel Baki: Arabic-world-rock.

Goadman: Arabic rap. 

Goo: Alternative rock/Funk.

Growth Impediment: Grindcore.

H2Z: Arabic rap. 

Hende: Arabic rap. 

Heroes and Villains: Indie-rock.

Hiba: Arabic-electro-dub-pop-rock.

Hezbel Taleta: Experimental rock.

Hooz: English rap.

The Hub: Experimental rock.

I-Voice: Arabic rap.

Il Nasteh: Arabic rap.

Illegitimate Mind Disorder: English rap.

In Saint: Heavy Metal. 

The Incompetents: Psychedelic-folk-pop-rock.

Intensive Care: Indie-rock.

Jad Atoui: Ambient/ Glitch/ IDM. 

Jade & Diamond Setter: Electronic/ Dance.

Jammit the Band: Reggae.

Jay Wud: Alternative-rock.

Jean Jabbour: Deep House/ Nu-Disco/ Trip Hop 

Joelle Khoury: Alternative jazz. 

Kafan: Black metal.

Kaoteon: Death metal.

Karimbo Zone Mixity Miracle Genius: French/ English rap.

Katibe 5: Aabic rap.

Khat Ahmar: Arabic rap.

Kimaera: Death metal.

Kita3 Beirut: Arabic rap.

Kita3youn: Arabic rap.

The Kordz: Oriental-metal.

Index/ Left: Dubstep.

La Gale: French rap.

Lara Matar: Piano-pop. 

Lazzy Lung: Indie-rock.

Lemonada: Arab-Latin fusion/ Chillout.

Level 7: Metal.  

Librakh: Black metal.

Liliane Chlela: Trip hop/ Experimental.

Limelight: Alternative rock.

Lombrix: Alternative rock.

Lumi: Electronic-rock.

Lyric Raids: Arabic rap.

M-Sixteen: Arabic rap.

Mack: English & Arabic rap.

maKh: Deathstep. 

Malikah: Arabic rap.

Marc Codsi: Ambient.

Marc Ernest: Jazz

Mashrou’ Leila: Arabic indie-fusion-rock.

May Nasr: Arabic oriental-folk.

Mazen Kerbaj: Improvisation.

MC Moe: English rap.

MC Tamarrod: Arabic rap.

MC Zoog: Arabic/ English rap.

MD Crew: Arabic rap.

Meen: Arabic-blues-rock.

Melancholy: Symphonic metal.

Michelle Keserwany: Arabic folk-rock/ Comedy.

Militia Beirut: Christian rap.

Militia L Jabal: Arabic rap.  

Miracle Genius: English rap.

Miskeena: English rap.

Mocques: Glitch-hop/ Experimental hip hop.

Molotov Records: Arabic rap.

Munir Khauli: Arabic-blues-rock.

Munma: Ambient-experimental-electronica.

Nadine Khouri: Folk-rock.

Nara: Electro-pop.

Natasha Kozaily: Folk/ Fsuion.

Negative (-): Alternative metal.

The New Government: Indie pop-rock.

Nightchains: Thrash metal.

Nocturna: Death metal.

Nour Nimri: Acoustic/ Pop-rock

Oath to Vanquish: Death metal.

Oblivion: Heavy metal.

OkyDoky: Experimental-breakbeat-electronica.

O-Marz: English rap.

Osman Arabi: Ambient-psychedelic.

-Ostoura: Arabic Gangsta Rap.

Overload: Thrash metal. 

The Passive Standouts: Indie-Punk.

Peter Jam: Alternative rock.

Phusion: Trip Hop.

Pindoll: Alt-jazz.

Pop Will Save Us: Pop-rock.

PostMortem: Death metal.

Qashta: Electro-Pop.

The Quiminboos: Comedy pop-rock.

Radio KVM: Experimental-electronica.

Raed Yassin: Improvisation/ Noise.

Ram6: Arabic rap.

Rama’s Whisper: Classic rock.

RAmez: Arabic/ French rap.

Rami El Murr: Experimental.

Rasta Beirut: Reggae.

Rayess Bek: Arabic/ French rap.

Rebellious Phoenix: Rock.

Al Ras: Arabic rap.

The Revolution of Ants: Indian-electronic/ World music.

RGB: Arabic rap.

Rima Kcheich: Oriental-fusion.

The Ritual Inclusion of Code: Ambient-psychedelic.

Roswell: Alternative rock.

Safar Barlik: Alternative rock.

Sandmoon: Electro-folk-rock.

Sark Mikkel: Eelctronic. 

Sawt il Dameer: Arabic rap.  

Scimitar: Black metal. 

Sector 9: Alternative rock.

Seeker: Ambient.

Selvmord: Black metal.

Sepia: Blues rock. 

Shaba: Classical-folk-rock.

Shady Shakra: Symphonic-industrial/ Experimental.

Shake Well Before Use: Hardcore Punk. 

Shaman Death Trance: Ambient-pyschedelic.

Shepard of Sheol: Black metal.

Shift Z: Arabic/ English Electro-dub-pop-rock.

Shoot! Shoot!: Indie-pop-rock.

Sidihamza: Downtempo/ Electronic/ Lounge. 

Sima: Folk-rock.

Sir Real: English rap.

sKy LinKd: Trip hop/ Experimental.

Slutterhouse: Electronic-rock.

SoapKills: Arabic trip-hop.

Solitaire: Heavy metal.

Soul+: Funk/Soul.

SouthSiderz: English/ Arabic rap.

Spets: Breakcore/ IDM/ Experimental.

Sphere: Rock.

State of Mind: English rap.

Stephane Rives: Improvisation/ Noise.

Stephanie Merchak: Electronic.

The Suicides: Electronic/ Dance. 

Sylvain Nassar: Rock.

Takween: Christian metal.

Tango Remote Control: Electro-acoustic.

Tania Saleh: Arabic folk-rock.

Tarek Atoui: Ambient-noise.

Tenebra: Black metal.

Thrash Storm: Thrash metal.

Togarive Records: Arabic Rap. 

Touffar: Arabic rap. 

Toufic Farroukh:  Electro-Oriental Jazz fusion.

Trash Inc.: Electronic.

TristMoon: Death metal.

Veinen: Black metal.

Venus: English/ Arabic rap.

The Virtuals: Alternative rock.

Vladimir Kurumilian: Improvisation.

Void: Symphonic death metal.

Wled el Balad: Arabic rock.

Wata el Lounge: Ambient rock.

Weeping Willow: Death metal.

White Trees: Folk-blues-funk-rock.

WhoreDom: Black metal.

Winter’s Embrace: Heavy metal.

XEFM: Experimental/ Improvisation.

Xkwizit Moe: English rap. 

Y.A.S: Arabic Electronica. 

Youmna Saba: Arabic folk-rock.

ZeineDin: Arabic rap.

– Ziad Mahjoub: Electronica/ experimental.


9 thoughts on “The Grand Archive

  1. Had the sudden urge to google “Belime” and found this. Nice to see you doing your homework. So proud to be part of such a talented bunch of Lebanese artists. Know/heard of most, and will be discovering the rest from this list. Thanks!

  2. Amazing work, found it while googling…no Spoken Word genre in Lebanon yet? And yes, in regard to your 7Keeleh Volume 1 Overview…it is spoken word 🙂


    • Thanks Tina! Well spoken word doesn’t really involve any music. 😛
      I suggest you recite your poems to some beats, you’ll fit snugly in the rap category. 😉

  3. as a grand archive, i think the whole lebanese music scene should be in there, including producers, dj’s, radio hosts, music writers and so on. as a simple band archive you did an amazing job ofo.

  4. Many of those bands inspired us to start, its an honor to be on the list with you all

  5. Good to see that we got many Artists in Lebanon : )

  6. This is awesome! Thanks for this!

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