Fareeq el Atrash: Representin’!

Fareeq el Atrash are representing us, as in the Lebanese people, in the international music contest Fair Play – Anti-Corruption Youth Voices, which is organized in partnership between Jeunesses Musicales International and the World Bank Institute.

Now, without further ado, Fareeq el Atrash’s entry, “Corruption”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4B2x6D2hvm4

This was recorded in late December 2009 at the Forward Music studio, who l’Fareeq were signed to a while back (Forward music is a Lebanese label that mostly specializes in world music). Through the miracle of deductive reasoning one can arrive to the conclusion that this isn’t 100% live. Some parts were overdubbed, the parts you can’t see being performed in the video, like FZ’s beatboxing (which was recorded after he came back from abroad) and Goo’s guitar playing (because, he takes over the keyboard here). The drummer is Fouad Afra, who also plays in Ghazi Abdel Baki’s band. The whole track is very dope. The actual drumming is a nice change from their usual programmed/ beatboxed drums. The keyboard is also a fresh change. You know, I’ve come to see that I can’t keep saying “The Lebanese Arabic rap crew Fareeq el Atrash” because they are in fact bilingual, not just in a couple of songs, but in the majority of them, Edd covers the Arabic, Chyno the English. It’s a treat for those who understand both, and it makes them appeal to non-Arabic speakers as well, who are the ones they’re trying to win over with this thing here, ilakh ilakh, you have no excuse whatsoever for hating them…

The competition opens February 1st, and the more views their video has, the greater their chances of winning are, so if you watched it once, do a good deed today, watch it a second time, then a third, then a fourth, then a fifth, then a sixth… It deserves that many views by its own merit.

Here is the official Jeunesses Musicales International website: http://www.jmi.net/index.php?ID=0

And while I’m on the subject of this band, be sure to catch them this Tuesday at the inauguration of the the Greedy Ears Sessions, Serge Yared’s latest live-music endeavor after the success of his legendary Crate Sessions of 2009, at Walimat Warde’s brand new location (the corner of the street it used to be on).

Link to the event: http://www.facebook.com/inbox/?ref=mb#/event.php?eid=280985937233&ref=ts