Go for Gaza. Stay for the Music!

Hello. It would be very cool and very charitable if you went to this thingy here.


Well, as you might know, Israel has been picking on us all, and being douchebags in general, for quite some time now.  One of their latest delightful atrocities was attacking a harmless flotilla that belonged to the Free Gaza Movement, carrying aid supplies to Gaza… in international waters. The world was outraged, well a big majority of the world at least. So we Lebanese being the benevolent people we are decided to support Gaza. And support we shall, because all proceeds will go to the Free Gaza Movement.



-Fareeq el Atrash: The best funk-rock-rap band in Beirut, who have literally never sucked… I swear.

Lazzy Lung: In a sea of bands trying to emulate that “Western” sound, they are by far the best darn ones yet. Catchy as hell too.

-Pop Will Save Us: Frankly, I have nothing to say to convince you why you should see PWSU, because I have neither seen them live myself nor purchased (or downloaded) their album. What’s certain is, they play poppy-dance-type stuff, and they come with the whole  package, so I guess it wouldn’t kill you to check them out, or just get a drink or something, I dunno…

-La Gale:  Swiss-Lebanese  female rapper who raps in French, thus, I cannot understand much of what she says, so you’re on your own for this one.

-Lumi: Turns out they’re alive. Well they’re notorious for their scarce live-appearances, but that shouldn’t be your motivation to see them. Blending rock with electronica isn’t that big an innovation these days, but luckily, they did it right. It’s not trip-hoppy like SoapKills though, it leans more towards, well, “synth-rock”.

Zeid & The Wings: One of the bigger groups around, Zeid Hamdan’s latest project features the traditional staples of rock music, as well as some things you might have not seen before, like some nay, and the occasional Arabic lyrics. It’s not really like The New Government, or SoapKills, it’s just its own thing, that’s all that can be said really.

-Rayess Bek: I think his band are still in town after performing on the 6th of June. So for those who missed them, now is your chance, they’re not here everyday. In fact, the 6th was their first time-ever here in Lebanon. Even Rayess Bek himself without the band was a rarity, until he came back in April and did some shows, so you’re in luck that you get to see his socio-political Franco-Arabic rhyming commentaries laid against live electro-acoustic-oriental-jazz beats, as opposed to pre-recorded ones. In case they’re not here though, you really shouldn’t complain either.

-Hiba el Mansouri: Well basically, SoapKills 2.0, which is awesome, and so is Hiba.

-The Incompetents: Recently, The Incompetents bridged the gap in their lineup, recruiting Marc Codsi as their drummer. Full-lineup or not, The Incompetents are a bit sparse with their performances, so seeing them is worth your while, for I have forever admired their goofy awesomeness…  

-RGB: He’s a decent rapper by himself, but you better hope he and Zeid perform their ska-rock-rap material. Where else can you hear a  psuedo-homage to Bob Marley through Arabic rap?

– Tania Saleh: Acoustic-folk-rock Arabic songs from one of the local veterans!

Miah: I swear I have no idea, but I’m guessing French folk-pop or something… I dunno, surprise yourselves!

In conclusion: Go.

Thank you very much.