About “Feel Notes”


Who?: Omar Al Fil, a Beiruti, enjoys local alternative music, and often yammers on pointlessly on things. Not the most qualified, but the incompetent Mr. Serge Yared urged him to do it. He liked Mr. Ziad Nawfal’s online work. And as luck would have it, he wasn’t as bad as expected.

Why?: Because the Lebanese alternative music scene is just as equal a musical playing field worth documentation as any other. It is genuinely diverse and unique and deserves merit. Also, it is fairly young, so the time to take baby-photos is now, so that we can cherish them later on.

…And?: So that those residing in Lebanon, and even those who aren’t, whom are oblivious to these activities and phenomena, can discover something of interest and learn to appreciate different things. Punk-ass kids don’t know shit about SoapKills…

How… to contact?: www.omar-fil@hotmail.com.

Where… else could I go?: This Facebook page, that’s where.

DISCLAIMER: Content is of variable quality!

16 thoughts on “About “Feel Notes”

  1. U made it 😉 !!
    Am very glad and good luck with it.

  2. “Hello!”
    Nice blog man

  3. Hey, I really like your blog and think it’d be a great way to cross promote on SPINearth. We are looking for more contributors in Beirut and this would be a great way to start…

    Check us out here: http://www.spinearth.tv and contact me here: middle-east@spinearth.tv with questions.


  4. J’espère te rencontrer ce samedi 17 à Walimat Wardeh, à 21:30 !

    Johnny Karlitch
    Secrétaire de rédaction et coordinateur culturel
    NOUN, mensuel libanais francophone

  5. Hey man … just a word of props for a fresh blog.

    Keep it comin.

  6. cool blog. if you need any help or info let me know. cheers.

  7. Your blog is a fantastic resource to new LB music !

    Just came back from a trip to Beirut, my head full of sounds, esp. of Rayess Bek. *&#$#%$@* for missing his upcoming live shows…

    Cheers from Athens, Greece!

  8. I’m loving the blog. I got introduced to the Lebanese alternative scene with Mashrou3 Leila from a professor and have been hunting down new music since. Thanks so much!


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  10. I also got started on lebanese music (alternative or no) by mashrou3 leila… as a US person, it’s nice to be able to check out really cool, new music. (also, thanks for the translation of the lyrics!) this is offically too long of a comment.

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