Show Review: Dan Sin Live @ EM Chill (May 6, 2011)

Photo by: Me.

On May 6, Danielle Balabane would once again take to the stage as Dan Sin to perform a set of vocal-fueled tunes.

The first time I saw him live in March, he utilized a loop pedal and some effects pedals along with some vocal instruments such as a mouth harp, didgeridoo, and glass bottle.

Just as last time, he performed the same set again, this time adding a couple of new pieces afterwards. The performance featured all kinds of vocal techniques, such as beatboxing, Buddhist chanting, and something along the lines of Tuvian throat singing. I must say he’s got quite a versatile voice and doesn’t hesitate pushing it to its limits. This time around, Dan Sin also occasionally made use of the drum set available at EM Chill, which was not the case earlier at Walimat Warde’. This, as well as briefly being joined by Stephane Rives on saxophone added an extra layer of improvisation to the already semi-spontaneous vocal compositions (as in, the elements of each composition are specified, but their progression is improvised).

I do have a complaint however, which is that there isn’t that much variation between once piece and another. Drumbeats sound very similar and the tone of bass lines is nearly identical, save for a couple exceptions. I know it’s difficult to create extreme variation when all you use is your voice, but there are a lot of options. For example, the drumbeats Dan Sin makes are quite technical and fast, but to mix it up, they could be simplified (kick – hi hat- snare – hi hat – kick – kick – snare – hi hat?) with effects added perhaps. There’s room for development.

 Supposedly, Dan Sin is working on a release of recorded material which I am looking forward to, but for now, his stage show is a peculiar musical spectacle everybody has to see at least once.


13 thoughts on “Show Review: Dan Sin Live @ EM Chill (May 6, 2011)

  1. This is somewhat unrelated but when are you going to review mashrou3 leila’s new EP? 🙂

  2. Never really thought about it as in it wasn’t really interesting enough?

    • Ma 7ada sa2ilik, MS. LEEN! 😛
      I don’t have strong enough emotions towards it, neither positive nor negative, to elaborate them into a whole review at the moment.

  3. Ma 7ada sa2alni… eh ana 3m bes2alak MR. FEEL!
    But fair enough :] I feel the same way about it. Bs 3m nestanna nshoof shu l naqed l laze3 bedo y2ool 3ala hl kam 3’nyeh.
    Allah yestor

    • I can tell Ms. Blackbird all about it. But not you… LEEN!

    • Hallihallo Kaia,ktndeine Karte ist wunderbar – besonders die Blumen sind zum Verlieben. Vielen Dank für’s Mitmachen bei der Creative Card Crew.Viel Glück und alles Liebe!Hugs, Elisa (DT)

    • Allie:Every time you roast a chicken, save the bones. Even the ones that have been gnawed on. Rinse them in wanter, put them in a ziplock bag, and freeze them until you’re ready to use them.Quick tip: chicken wings have an amazing amount of gelatin. Making stock from a bag full of saved wingtips make an excellent, glutinous stock. Since lux and I will make wings every couple of weeks, every few months we have a large supply available.

  4. :’O

    Akeed la2 -.-

  5. eh bas i’m with leen 😛

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