I Want You to Go Dan Sin.

I have been way too busy lately.

So busy, that I didn’t have a chance to write a review or make the slightest mention of a performance that occurred on March 12th (ouuuuuuf) by Danielle Balabane a.k.a Dan Sin.

Dan Sin uses nothing more than his voice, his mouth (and anything he can stick in it or blow into), and a loop pedal with multiple channels. What he does is create loops on the spot by humming, singing, beatboxing, chirping, screaming, rapping, blowing inot a digeridoo, plucking a mouth harp, etc…

I would call the style of music “vocal-fusion”, as there are hints to electronic, trip-hop, and world music, with an ever-present psychelic element.

So please, go Dan Sin.


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