And the Winner is…

First of all, I realize I should have posted a link to the voting-event when voting was underway, so… sorry.

Anyway, out of the three entries selected, the one that got the most votes was Edd Abbas’ remix.

Now let me tell you, I was expecting some wild things to come out of this contest. I was expecting bands to make their own live tunes and DJs to reinvent beats. So when the results were announced as being “hip hop”, “rock”, and “fusion”, I was psyched. Then I heard the entries, and realized that having a non-hip hop winner would not work out this time, since the other two entries were not that good, the entries by Ben Jewels and Steve Last (who would get my vote for second if I were allowed to vote more than once). Edd is already well known for his work with the band Fareeq el Atrash, so I thought someone who hasn’t gotten much publicity could benefit more. But if you just think “he’s already known” without specifying what he’s known for, you wouldn’t ever realize that he’s in fact known more for his lyrical abilities than his production skills (to the mass public at least).

In the end, a talented producer was unveiled and got what he deserved. Check the remix out and expect it on Rayess Bek’s next album.


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