So I’m studying graphic design now, thus I declare this post in canon with everything else… because I said so.

“We would like to announce the start of the biggest Design conference in Kuwait, Nuqat, from the 26th-28th of October. Upon starting Nuqat we had one objective in mind and that is “to develop arab creativity on all levels” be it in design, advertising, architecture, fashion, production and all the creative fields. The conference will include 4 lectures and 2 workshops per day for 3 days! Big designer names such as Reza Abedini, Tarek Atrissi and Rana Salam and much more will provide both lectures and workshops. As well as an exhibition with artists such as Experiment 1, Dr Farid Abdal, REUSE, Tabouq and much more. Not forgetting night performances by Loyac’s theatre performance “Ommar Al Khayyam”, followed by film screening on another night.

The topic for this year will be visual pollution in the arab world.

Registration is now online on http://www.nuqatfoundation.com/
Lectures and workshops are paid for, and attending exhibition and night performance is for free.

Check out our webite, facebook group and twitter page.”


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