Mahsrou3 Leila- “El 7all Romansy”: Brief Thoughts & LYRICS & DOWNLOAD

Mashrou3 Leila have released some new material in the form of a demo of a song titled “El 7all Romansy”.

Thanks to رأ فت , I have the pleasure of declaring: DOWNLOAD!

It’s certainly a step in a different direction.

First of all, Hamed Sinno sings his vocals with a sort of accent, also using some alternate vocabulary  fos7a.

Musically, there’s an indie-ska thing going on with the guitar, and the violin has sort of a Gypsy-Celtic feel to it. Apparently someone’s doing backing vocals now.

Well, you definitely cannot say they haven’t changed since we last heard them.

I’m transcribing the lyrics by ear since poeple are having trouble making them out. I don’t guarantee the accuracy, but my “Raksit Leila” lyrics were not that far off, so here goes:

Mish 3aref, in kont, rajol, am masrif 2ali

Bas el ajar ya khayye’ sayir super-ghali

Tzawwajni w iqra2 Engels fi sareeri

Dba7 el kharouf, assim, wazzi3 “3al jeeri”(?)

Tzawwajni w iqra2 Engels fi sareeri

Dba7 el kharouf, assim, wazzi3 “3al jeeri”[1]

El 7all romansy, bas mish ghalat

El 7all romansy, bas mish ghalat

7obbak, kasrit el qita3 el khas, bas mish ghalat [2]

7obbak, kasrit el qita3 el khas, bas mish ghalat

Ziffou el 3arous ziffouha, ziffou el 3arous ziffouha

Ziffou el 3arous ziffouha, ziffou el 3arous ziffouha

Ziffou el 3arous ziffouha, ziffou el 3arous ziffouha

Ziffou el 3arous ziffouha, ziffou el 3arous ziffouha

Ziffoooooohooooowooou el 3aroooooooooous

Ziffoooooohooooowooou el 3aroooooooooous



el 3aroooooooooous



1-Maybe, a phrase for “neighbors”? Sounds derived from “jeeran”.

2-“7obbak” is a masculine noun, but “kasrit” is in the feminine tense, as opposed to “kasar”?

Lyrics-wise, I can vaguely make out that it deals with the issue of love, or more accurately, its subsequent results, marriage and starting a family, and the financial toll it can take on the lovers.

Make sure to catch other new songs on July 9th at the Byblos International Festival.


6 thoughts on “Mahsrou3 Leila- “El 7all Romansy”: Brief Thoughts & LYRICS & DOWNLOAD

  1. “This is either genre-breaking stuff, or a gimmick.” oh really?

    i ripped the song from sound cloud, if you want it, you know my email..i just typed it in after it promised ino its hidden (woo)

    it’s cool that you write what you write, but if you have nothing to say about something, don’t make something up to fill the white space. white is nice, sometimes. so the thing is..

    “This is either genre-breaking stuff, or a gimmick.”
    means nothing. the language, iza shi, has some fos7a..not “alternate”..
    plus ATM=masref – don’t say bank-ali..(even as Lebanese Lingoists..we don’t)

    and using sareeree is a lyrical choice..tagging them as gimmicks is utter crap – and linking them to a genre or lack of genre is ..well, some more crap.

    again, if i sound un-jesusly, please forgive me –

    i will not comment on the rest, good job in general..gene gene geral..general suleiman

    ila al liqa2

    • Hatha sa7ee7.

      Thank you for shining your holy light. Well, you’ll have to forgive me, but everything here is rife with ill-contemplated things (by everything, I mean: every thing) because I don’t get the chance to share any of the texts with someone to get an objective opinion before publishing them. And even after I do, not many point them out or correct them. I have no friends IRL you see… So God bless you, digital-savior.

      La 3anjad, tank U. 🙂

  2. Well as in most of your posts, dear ofo, you are about to say the right thing, then you ruin it for the rest of us.
    Mashrou3 Leila are not exactly changing but going back to when they were rehersing at AUB for Outdoors or some other event.
    Your musical critique lexical field is very poor, widen your horizons; all of the ”some kind of” and ”sort of” should be banned when you try (too hard and too fast) to analyse a song, for instance, I dont feel any Ska in there, but maybe some Vampire Weekend in the first 40 seconds of the song, then it becomes a whirly sound of violin that fills up the sound, contrasting with the sound of the drums that is way too heav, also, one barely hears the synths.
    As for Hamed’s vocals, we feel less mannerism though it is still very patterned with over arabic motifs (you know the one overused by his fellow AUB graphic design students) and one can feel that he is trying to prove something, once again: “I can make this high pitched sound, you’ll see” as another could say he can walk on his hands while eating peanuts. But Sinno is finding his balance especially in the beginning of the song, before the violin starts. Still, I don’t understand half of what he says with this accent.
    The last part with the backing vocals and him doing arabesques with his voice is too messy and prissy. It’s a demo, give Leila a credit.
    Overall they did a nice job, not very far away from what they did before they recorded their album at B-Root, who emphesized on base and metallic sounds, taking away the festive sound of an 3arous but also creating some great pieces, I would listen to the album with pleasure if it it produced the way it should be: by someone who will not try to bring too many influences in the band’s music (they already have to deal with that all by themselves) but coach them for better structure and a less manneristic approach to the way the voice is produced (Jana did that very well though) also, it would be a good thing to hear all of the instruments, because as I said previously, the synthetizer is not heard but the ominous sound of the drums is too heavy and clumsy.

  3. ..and i like talking in circles and make soap bubbles with aphrodisiac corpses – as to be heard by the earless. logic.

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