Byblos Festival, July 9th: The Leila of a Lifetime

Photo by Annibal Faddoul

The kids have been growing up, and they’ve been frying bigger and bigger fish/ batenjen. Perhaps the most rapid unhalted rise to mainstream popularity by a group from around here. Now, an epic fish/ batenjene’ appears, you know, like in that one video.

Mashrou3 Leila are playing the Byblos Festival this year on July 9th.

Look, they even get their own bio-blurb-page.

“It is their first live appearance since the album launch…” : LIE.

An advert too?

 It must be a big deal then… No shit; there’s a new setlist with new songs and new tricks and treats and general grandiose and surprises here and there. However, I’d like to go on record and say that “Zotrine” is and always has been the single most magical piece of music ever played by the band. :-/

So don’t forget to buy your standing tickets. How does one dance in a chair anyway?


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