We Are Our Language: The Arabic Language Festival

Arabic speakers rejoice! On Saturday June 26th in Hamra, there will take place an event by the name of مهرجان اللغة العربية – نحن لغتنا. And now to completely defeat the purpose of this festival: that’s “Na7no Loughatina (We Are Our Language) -Mahrajan Al Lougha Al 3arabiyya (The Arabic Language Festival)” (Latin alphabet beotch…)

Basically, the organization “Fe3l Amr” (Matter Action), whose goal is to preserve Arabic culture and history, and spread awareness on the importance of  using the Arabic language, have organized a day-long event starting from 8:00 AM.

So here’s what’s up:

All day long: there will be everything from painting, video screenings, to art and photography exhibitions.

4:30-6:00: Modern theatre and dance.

6:00-7:30: Literature and poetry reading.

And finally, the main event…

7:30-11:00: Music from: Ghazi Abdel Baki (Latin-Oriental Rock), Munir Khauli (Blues-Rock), Tania Saleh (Arabic-Folk-Rock), The Feyhaa Choir (Choral), Band Jaza2i (Classical-Oriental covers), Amal Kaawash (Classical-Oriental), and Youmna Saba (Arabic-Folk).

As you might have deduced, this is a lineup you are not used to seeing in public often. What they all have in common is a mellow chilled-out sound, more or less, and Arabic lyrics.

You know Youmna Saba, you know Tania Saleh, you may or may not know Ghazi Abdel Baki,  but you absolutely have no clue who Munir Khauli is do you? If you do, you have earned my respect, and most probably realize why him playing live is such a big deal. He’s Munir fuckin’ Khauli!

Just read this.

I think they were deliberately seeking out these kinds of performers. Acts like Fareeq el Atrash or Mashrou3 Leila would have been perfect for the cause, but I guess each are busy with their own projects lately… or they wanted to highlight lesser-exposed artists.

Fa nzallo yalla w ftekhro bi loughetkon w tourathkon l’3arabe’… Wa shahidou Tenin el Tarab ya3zif live!


One thought on “We Are Our Language: The Arabic Language Festival

  1. Salam
    I’d like to receive the link in Arabic.
    Thank you

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