Fete de la Musique 2010: The Big One


Here it is, the long anticipated: Fete de la Musique 2010.

I have yet to witness a Fete de la Musique, and this year I must give in to the dreaded official exams. But let me tell you, from the scheduel, it appears to be a whirlwind of bands, and you want to see every one, but can’t, due to not being able to be in several places at once. Suspense. Conflict. Heartbreak. Rock n’Roll: Fete de la Musique…

This is because, it is basically 5+ multi-band concerts going down at once.


Here’s what’s going on where:

21h00 – Vanclode Jandam (Deep-House)
21h45 – Dirty Diana (Dubstep)
22h30 – Index/Left (LIVE set – Dubstep)
23h15 – Namito (Berlin, Tech-House)
00h00- Jade (Tech-House)
00h45 – Debruit (LIVE, Paris, Breaks)
01h30 – Diamond Setter (Tech-house)
02h15 – DJ Dansz(Techno)
03h00 – Alias & Purple(Tech-House)
04h00- Psychogenesis (Psychedelic)

21h00- Offwhite Visuals
22h30 – Labo Strongsky
00h45 – VJ Mosig
02h15 – M.Visuals

I’m not really knowledgable when it comes to electronic music DJs, but it seems like some quality stuff from the genre. You have veterans like Jade and Diamond Setter, relative newcomers like Index/Left (featuring Jawad Nawfal A.K.A Munma) and several debuts, as well some international acts like Debruit from Paris. Not to mention VJing as well.

20h00 à 20h30 Champlain (chanson française)
20h40 à 21h10 Youmna Saba (folk libanaise)
21h20 à 21h50 Gus Farah (pop)
22h00 à 22h40 The Incompetents (pop alternative)
22h50 à 23h30 Ghazi Abdel Baki (arabo funksamba)
23h40 à 00h20 Fareeq El Atrash (hip hop)
00h30 à 01h00 Call Us Blue (soul / funk)

Looky here! Youmna Saba will play a set of folksy Arabic tunes backed by Jade Balaben (the same Jade who will be at the Dome later) on percussion. Then you have The Incompetents, test driving some new equipment, like a guitar, and a drummer, with some quirky alternative pop. Ghazi Abdel Baki and his band play some latin-oriental rock pieces in Arabic for you. And THE main event, Fareeq el Atrash performing with a drummer and full horn section, and releasing their long-anticipated debut album afterwards! Also, feel free to check out the bands making their debut. I personally like this stage a lot…

20h00 à 20h30 Bob Arja & t.b.b.t (rap)
20h35 à 21h00 I-Voice (rap)
21h10 à 21h40 Homemade (rock)
21h50 à 22h20 Belime (pop / rock)
22h30 à 23h00 The Puppeteers (funk / soul)
23h10 à 23h40 Meen (rock libanais)
23h50 à 00h10 The Musicians (blues / rock)
00h20 à 01h00 Scarface & Mc Box (raggae / Rn’B)

Well there isn’t much here I’m familiar with. Meen, Lebanese rock at its best, definitely worth it. But once again, check out the newbies.

20h00 à 20h20 Vahan & the revolution of ants (musique du monde)
20h30 à 20h55 Shaba (folk)
21h05 à 21h30 Kristen Hope (folk / rock)
21h40 à 22h10 Sandmoon (lounge / rock)
22h20 à 22h50 Guaraná (musique brésilienne)
23h00 à 23h40 Vladimir Kurumilian & Allan Chaaraoui (improvisation piano)
23h50 à 00h20 Eardrum (rock alternatif)
00h30 à 01h00 Peter Jam (rock)

This is sort of the “mellow” stage, with a few exceptions.  You have Vahan and The Revolution of the Ants, terrific Indo-elctro fusion. Then there’s Shaba, with their folksy Arabic tales of romance and heartbreak. Check newbies please.

20h00 à 20h25 ZeineDin (Hip Hop)
20h30 à 20h55 Ashekman (Rap)
21h05 à 21h35 Zeid and the Wings (pop libanaise)
21h45 à 22h15 Lazzy Lung (rock arlternatif)
22h25 à 22h50 Limelight (Rock indé)
23h00 à 23h25 Circle of Fire (rock accoustique progressif)
23h35 à 00h05 Episode (symphonie progressive)
00h15 à 01h00 Dj Lethal Skillz (hip hop)

Alright, it is nescessary that you make time for Ashekman, for they haven’t performed live in quite a long time, and they probably have new material ready to unleash. Zeid and The Wings too are not to be missed, you can’t go wrong with Zeid Hamdan. Lazzy Lung have been tearing it up all over town with their alternative-indie-rock and will be appearing in Fete for the first time this year. And DJ Lethal Skillz will be spinning some hip hop and R n’B, but you might catch some genuine turntablism in there. And check out the newbies, especially the ones with “progressive” in their genre description… intriguing.

If you’re feeling religious, you can go to these churches and see something too:

18h00 à 18h20 Orchestre de Chambre – Hamazkaine
18h30 à 18h55 Ensemble “Musique pour tous”
19h05 à 19h35 Ensemble de Guitares – Hamazkaine

18h00 à 20h00
Chorale du Lycée franco-libanais de Verdun
Chorale du Lycée Abdel Kader
Tony Bayeh (musique religieuse)
Chorale de l’International College
Chorale du Collège Protestant

19h00 à 20h30
Programme de l’Ecole de musique Ghassan Yammine
Chant moderne (pop, broadway, jazz)
Piano (Chopin, Schubert, debussy)
Chant classique (airs d’opéra)

But wait there’s more!

There are also side-performances going on away from the main area.

HAMRA / Dany’s
20h00 à 20h30 Extravaganza
20h30 à 21h00 Banana Cognac
21h00 à 21h30 W.K. Bruce Lee
21h30 à 22h00 Raed Khazen trio
22h00 à 22h30 Double Act
22h30 à 23h00 5 sekonds Late

I dunno… But I hear Banana Cognacs is worth a shot, for it is rap and live music, and that is a win in my book.

Parade (musique électronique)

No clue here.

20h00 à 22h30
Firas Safa (rap)
Mustafa (rap)
Bicro-phone (rap)
Jabha (rap)
Mohamed Fouad (tarab)
Karimbo Mixity (rap)
Beirut Bandits (rap)
Byroots B-Boyz (danseurs hip-hop)

Ah, the breakthrough rap area… and one tarab act.

So that’s it. Brace yourselves and start planning your strategy for the night and coordinating with your pals and whatnot.


4 thoughts on “Fete de la Musique 2010: The Big One

  1. “If you’re feeling religious, you can go to these churches”?

    Now that’s a very weak comment coming from a so-called music critic.

    Do you even know what these musical ensembles were presenting?

    One of them played Frank Martin, Martinu and Bloch. Contemporary music. That is, if you define classical music normally as “religious”. Although i doubt a Wagner or a Mahler would fit in that “religious” category.

    Churches, in the case of these music ensembles, are used to avoid using a sound system. For the acoustics, and to preserve the sound propagation of the acoustic instruments.

  2. I didn’t say it was religious music. I was refrring to the church usually being a place of worship, but I never implied what sort of music would be played there.

    In fact, all genres of all performers were listed with them in the scheduel I quoted, so I wasn’t even obligated to mention any genres at all in my own text, but I chose only to highlight acts I personally like and thought were worth seeing. I’m not a program or scheduel that just lists things and gives appealing blurbs (companies and organizers make their own publications like that).

    But you are absolutely right, and thank you for letting me know this. I should at least briefly elaborate on things even if I don’t personally care about them. I must justify my apathy. 😛

    Thank you for your feedback. 🙂

  3. True… Good elaboration, or none at all, would be better than a misplaced/partial one.
    Mainly because people shouldn’t be feeling “Religious” to attend a music concert being held there. Rather “Curious” about the music genre or the programme by itself, wouldn’t that be interesting?

    That kind of curiosity might just nourish much more pertinent reasons than the the usual common ones behind apathy.

    Good day

  4. Having read this I believed it was extremely informative.
    I appreciate you spending some time and energy to put this short article
    together. I once again find myself spending a significant
    amount of time both reading and posting comments.
    But so what, it was still worth it!

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