Rayess Bek Previews are Up!

You can now listen to previews of Rayess Bek’s forthcoming album “Khartech Aal Zamann/ L’Homme de Gauche” on his official website here: http://www.rayessbek.com/

Initial Reaction: Very rich instrumentally. It has an even mix of organic and artificial. Some of it sounds very “SoapKills”-esque, because there’s elements of hip hop, electronic, ska/reggae, oriental, as well as jazz. This is actually some of his best production work yet. Lyrically, Rayess Bek is still politically and socially conscious.

Side-note: Some of you who have been watching the online series “Shankaboot” would have noticed that some of the music sounds familiar, well that’s because Rayess Bek contributed some background music for it!  Supposedly, he is going to also be involved in a concert in honor of the series on the 24th of April, along with Tania Saleh. More details revealed soon with any luck. 

Check out Shankaboot’s Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Shankaboot

Visit the official website: http://www.shankaboot.com/index.php


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