Torn Up by a Sugar Elephant…

Visual by: moi

-The Premise: So I was listening to the tracks that the still-under-construction group, ShaBa, have up on their myspace, and I realized how raw they are (being acoustic demos). There was so much that could be added! So conveniently clean! Thus, a remix was inevitable.

I have mentioned it a couple of times before, but though not musically educated, and pretty much musically illiterate, I am a musician myself, specializing in synth-FX and making loops and samples. I hope to utilize these skills with live instruments someday (so look out for an experimental- live-trip-hop band in the next couple of years), but for now, solo work…

Now without further ado, with permission from ShaBa, I present my first (free online) release under the psuedonym Feel Sukkar (there is a reason, it makes sense, inquire please), “Khazze2ni”, a remix of the song “Khazze2ni Ya Deek” by ShaBa. I am no Fadi Tabbal though; the mixing and mastering could have been better I’m sure.



“Khazze2ni” was made by Feel Sukkar. You have the liberty to download and post wherever you like (if you like it that is…), but make sure to mention the author, Feel Sukkar, and original author, ShaBa.



Acoustic guitar from “Khazze2ni Ya Deek” by ShaBa

Drum samples (bass, snare, and hi-hat) from “It’s A  New Day” by Skull Snaps

Drum loop from “Funky Drummer” by James Brown

Middle Eastern percussion: Source unknown

Crash cymbal sample: Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia (1995)


Vocals from “Khazze2ni Ya Deek” by ShaBa

Speech from “Sahriyye” (1973) by Ziad Rahbani

Speech from “The Fly” (1986)

Rooster sounds: Source unknown

Thus concludes, the post that takes itself way too seriously…


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