Bek is Back

Rayess Bek, one of the pioneers of Arabic rap and among its most highly regarded practitioners has been working for the past couple years with his latest project, a live band consisting of a bassist, flutist, oud player, and the reliable sequencer for drumbeats. He has been recording an album with them and it is due out soon, he says.

 He recently unveiled a short sample of this new material in a video he posted:

 It sounds promising. There is still a use of sound effects. He still has a political message (though I hope he has a mix of “hard-hitting” stuff, where he is viciously attacking a certain subject, and “light-hearted” stuff, where he parodies and mocks it). You can definitely hear something new in the sound. The bass flows smoother and more natural (because it actually is), and the oud and flute give the sound a sort of purity, all that coupled with the backing vocals makes for a very rich beat.

And another snippet was later revealed:

It’s in French, but my limited comprehension of the language is enough for me to see the political spect of the lyrics. And with that oud and flute background music, you have yourself a very heartfelt track, though I know I’ll prefer the more upbeat tracks, but might have the soft ones grow on me eventually.  

Looking forward to it.

 For more on Rayess Bek:


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