Artist Analysis: ShaBa

-Name:  ShaBa

-Members: Shaden Fakih, Bane Fakih, Aya Attar, Rola Najjar, Chloe Asmar

Years Active: 2009-Present

-Genre: Arabic-Folk-Pop

 This is still a band in progress, but it would be nice to capture a band at this early stage in their development and see where it goes.

 -History: It all started with bedroom silliness. The two sisters, Shaden and Bane Fakih, were fooling around one day, Bane with her guitar and Shaden with her vocal chords, when they decided to come up with a song. That resulted in a song that would be known as “Jawdat w Med7at”.

 A school project would provide them with a chance to display their talent to their friends, but finding “Jawdat w Med7at” a tad too absurd of a song, they decided to finish the second song they had been working on, “Kniset Mar Elias Battina”.

 They got very positive feedback from their peers, who could easily relate to the songs the sisters were writing. With their friends’ support, they decided to pursue their hobby, writing a third song entitled “Alla Bi 7ebba” and a forth would follow, called “Khazze2ni Ya Deek”, derived from a friendly inside joke.

 Later on, a friend of one of their parents would lead them to Fadi Tabbal (The Incompetents, XEFM, April Ash, etc…) and his studio, Tunefork, advising them to take this hobby to the next level. They would go to record their songs at Tunefork in a 30 minute session. Those recordings can be heard on their myspace page.

 The duo went on to perform in Fete de la Musique 2009, being entered by their close friends Ghalas Charara and Aya Attar, their manager, by submitting a video of themselves playing.

 They performed in 2009’s International Day of Peace event, also securing that gig with the help of Ghalas and Aya. During that performance they debuted Rola Najjar on electric guitar and Aya Attar on keyboards, further expanding their sound.

They have added violinist Chloe Asmar to the lineup and  debuted their new sound on the airwaves of Radio Liban (96.2 FM) on April 1st 2010.

 -Sound:  Last I heard, sound-wise, Bane Fakih provides simple acoustic guitar tunes that range from rock, to pop, to punk-ish, and I sense there’s a hint of flamenco in there somewhere.

 Aya Attar on keyboards and Rola Najjar on electric guitar generate a rockier sound.

Chloe’s violin additions folk it all up. 

Vocally, Shaden does not have a spectacular voice, but the simplicity of it fits with that of the songs. She tends to warble sometimes and roughen her voice. Bane does backing vocals as well.

 Lyrically, their songs speak of a variety of love/ relationship-related issues such as homosexuality (“Jawdat w Med7at”), inter-religious relationships (“Kniset Mar Elias Battina”), unfaithfulness (“Alla Bi 7ebba”), and sexual relationships (“Khazze2ni Ya Deek”).




-“Sheftak Laziz” live:


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