“Yallah Underground”: Digging Up Buried Treasures.

You may or may not know about this already, but some people from Prague are on a mission to “unearth” the continuously evolving alternative Middle Eastern cultural scene and display it to all through a documentary film entitled “Yallah Underground”.

Their goal is to introduce us and our alternative culture, the one that negates the “tish tiki tum” propaganda, to the rest of the world. This is directed towards the people here in the Middle East who’ve probably never heard of these underground artists or only have a vague idea of who they are and what they do, who will get the chance to see for themselves what goes on underneath their feet, and everybody else all over the world (hopefully), who will get the chance to see that we are a cultured people. We’re not still chanting in the deserts around campfires. We have rockstars, we have DJs, we have rappers, we have more than what they show you in the news, both our news and world news, that seem to keep things zoomed in on politics and conflicts.

They came to Beirut around mid-September in order to shoot some footage, and this is the result of those two weeks:


They have shot much more footage and they really got it all I think. Rock, hip hop, electronic, at least one artist from each genre is featured.

Currently, this trailer is to get investors interested and get them to help fund the project.

Show your support  and stay in touch on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/yallahunderground

A one word summary of what all of this is trying to say: Yallah!

To that I say: Aywa!


4 thoughts on ““Yallah Underground”: Digging Up Buried Treasures.

  1. word up Omar, thank you! 🙂

    one remark though: we are not really focusing on Zeid so much anymore, that was more in the beginning of the development process. It’s not that we do not like his work (we actually love it and him as a artist as well as person), we just don’t want to focus on him as the only protagonist, since we feel this would be unfair towards the other great artists that are not that well known.

    But otherwise: well put my friend!!!

    again many thanks and hope to see you very soon!

    hugs from the whole team,


  2. tish tiki tum must be destroyed…

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